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great product, great service, great price!

When I saw the price, I thought shipping would be expensive, but shipping was free. So I thought it would take months to arrive, but it only took a week! The powerblocks are great; I've loved using them.
One of the selectors arrived broken: I emailed them and they sent me a replacement for free, so service is great too!

Leg machine

We absolutely love it!! Best price for great quality at home machine, very easy to put together in about under 2 hours, easy to add weights and it doesn’t take up much space



Great equipment

Best price, faster than expected delivery, great product! Highly recommend for home gym. Certainly saves a lot of space!

Very nice piece of equipment

This thing is a tank. It's very well-built and thoughtfully designed. I prefer this type to the cable & pulley (weight stack) models because there is less that can break. Cables wear out and fray over time and are annoying to replace (and install).

Assembly was simple and quick.

The only minor suggestion that I have is to lengthen the front handles, move them forward more, and angle them back more sharply to still allow taller athletes to use it, but also to accommodate shorter athletes. My wife is 5'0" and has to reach a bit to hold the handles. She can still use it effectively, but it could be more comfortable. A second set of handles would also work.

Great machine

i was very impressed with the exercise cross trainer. So far it is meeting my expectations very well it looks and performs great. I am very happy with my decision

Powerblock Elite Exp 90

Received my Powerblock,today. Dumbbells were packaged in four boxes, with thick styrofoam to protect from damage. Can’t beat the price, Anywhere! Free shipping and no sales tax! Best investment I have made in starting my home gym build. Workouthealthy is the place to order from,period!
Robert J.Enright

Steelflex Seated Row

Machine met all expectations. Easily commercial gym quality. Love it! It arrived unscathed and on time. WorkoutHealthy was great to deal with. Highly recommend!

Great Purchase

This is a great kettle bell set with a great space saving storage rack. The rack sits nicely in the corner and looks great. These are very nice kettle bells! I would purchase again.

I love my New Leg Machine.

I love my New Leg Machine.


The items took a while to arrive but when they did it was very easy to set everything up and understand. There was some damage to the main housing were the metal weight shipped with it had been cracked off but did not harm the actual function of the power block. I would highly recommend this item.

Powerblock Dumbbells are the BEAST!

Santa (me) brought me the Elite EXP with expansion kits for Christmas. This site is the lowest price that could be found on the web and that's with fast FREE delivery! The powerblocks themselves exceed my expectations and were the missing element in my home gym. 5 star rating for this product.

Great Purchase!

I Love them! Saves space, super quick to switch weight. Time will tell more, but seem like great quality. Great purchase!

High Quality Home Gym

The assembling was time consuming but overall a nice home gym. No complaints so far. My entire family use it every day and they also love it. The components look hight quality.

Ģreat exerciser, just needs better instructions

A great exerciser. I am handicapped with MS and this let's me exercise the weaker side of my body as well as the stronger side. I wish the instructions for setting the different modes was more clear.

Thanks for the review Reesa! We will be in contact to provide clarification on the instructions.

Excellent Decision

I purchased these at Christmas time. I was a little wary because of my lack of familiarity with them, but they are a great product. So much cheaper than traditional dumbell sets and they take up so little room. I have already been recommending them to friends.

Kevin-Thanks for the recommendation to others, its the best compliment!

I would definitely buy again from you guys.

I would definitely buy again from you guys.

R70 Recumbent Excerise Bike

We bought this bike (R70 recumbent bike) because we were tired of bikes breaking down. This is an outstanding bike! This is even better then some bikes used at the Gym! I use this bike everyday and I am looking forward to years of use!

Thanks Bruce. Were sure this bike wont break down!

Excellent product!

Items were as described. Best deal I could find anywhere and undercut local stores by over $100!

Thanks Mark! We try to provide he best prices on our PowerBlocks!

Great Buy

Cheaper than any other place and came as described!

Thanks Ricky! We appreciate the review on our Powerblock dumbbells!

Great product!!

I bought through Sports Authority and they had a special going on that they will deliver and assemble for the same price...after reading all of the comments about how the assembly was a nightmare, the decision was an easy one! The gym is great, I wish the leg press had a little more weight, as 210lbs is not that much in my opinion. Some of the pulleys are a little stiff on the lat pull-down, but I think with time, they will loosen up. Overall great product and would highly recommend.

Exceeded my expectations by far!

I am starting a moms fitness group inside our children’s indoor playground. I am an avid cross fitter, but was not looking for full Olympic bars or CrossFit equipment. My goal is minimalistic equipment, but we have to have some sort of strength equipment. This set is phenomenal. It came packaged in a super heavy duty crate, and earlier than expected! The frame looks like great quality (no scratches, welds solid). The bars are much more solid than I imagined. The weights are great quality with rubber coating but still have an inside metal ring. I am honestly very impressed. Also, the price from this website couldn’t be beat (I looked everywhere). Overall, this purchase exceeded all my expectations. Also, when checking on my order, customer service was prompt and very friendly.

Great preacher pegs are legit!

So I was able to narrow down my preacher bench choices to the Hoist 3550(?) bench...silver with American Beauty of several used Cybex benches and this guy. Well....clearly I went with this one. Price was fair/good (got 5% off)....and the addition of the band pegs is what really sold me. Not super super sure how often I'll use them....but they are nice to have. The pics of the bench really don't do the heavy dutyness of it justice. Thing is heavy all over and the band pegs which look like the size of a pencil are actually the size of a tootsie roll....legit. Came on a small pallet in a box that was like a foot tall...but covered the pallet. Very well packaged and made in China. Went together in about 20-30 mins...but I did have 4 washer left over. There were no instructions besides an exploded view where everything is supposed to go. The directions I received had thc center bar being a 2 piece bar....but mine was that was interesting. If there are any small negatives....they are: - Seat is a little hard to move up....goes down fine...but hard to get up. Of course that could just be user error too....haha - There are exposed nut on the back of the uprights and you could hit your knees on those getting on and off it...would be very tough to do...but would be nice if those weren't there. - On the bar catches...the black plastic pieces cover metal and are attached at the top but not at the bottom. Not a big deal....but couldn't theoretically snap that upif you grabbed one and pulled up....I think. I'm not trying it....haha. Positives: - Heavy duty AF....looks great - Well packaged.....well done - Upholstery is thick and feels great. Just soft enough.....not too hard and not too soft. The goldilocks pads...haha. - Bar catches are not too low....I was concerned about that - Was also concerned about the arm pad being too narrow....but it's perfect and wide. - Small footprint....big selling point for me since my home gym is in my 1 bedroom apt. So bottom line...I'd give it a 4.5...but that's not an option. In a perfect world if I had all the money and space I probably would have gone with the Hoist standing preacher curl bench....that thing is a beauty. Silver with American Beauty red upholstery. But for my current situation? This guy is just what the Dr. ordered. Small, heavy duty, band pegs, just an all around great bench for a fair price.

Power Blocks

Received my Power Blocks this week and love them. They are very well made and a great investment.


Very happy with my purchase. Packaging was spot on & the plates were flawless. Not to mention this is the ONLY company that could produce plates during this “Covid” crap time!