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    Shopping Guide for Commercial Leg Press Machines

    Selecting the perfect commercial leg press machine involves weighing several important factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase decision tailored to your facility.

    1. Plate Loaded vs Selectorized: Consider plate-loaded for adjustable resistance or selectorized for easy weight selection.

    2. Target Audience: Evaluate user needs - advanced facilities often require durable, high-capacity equipment.

    3. Weight Capacities: Compare capacities to accommodate different strength levels.

    4. Space and Dimensions: Ensure adequate space for the machine's footprint and clearance.

    5. Adjustability and Ergonomics: Adjustable settings allow proper form for diverse users.

    6. Build Quality and Durability: Opt for robust construction to withstand commercial use.

    With these key aspects in mind, you can invest in a commercial-grade leg press that meets your specific gym's needs and enhances user experiences.

    Commercial Leg Press Machines FAQs

    Plate-loaded leg presses allow weight plate customization. Selectorized uses a pin for easy weight selection.

    Leg press machines generally need 5 - 7 feet of clearance around the machine for safe and comfortable use.

    Yes, leg press machines have adjustable settings and weight selection to accommodate various user abilities.

    The initial resistance of a leg press machine, which is the weight before any plates are added, typically ranges from the weight of the sled itself, usually between 75 to 100 pounds.

    For the exact starting resistance of our leg press machines, please check the specifications listed on our product pages.

    Consider user needs, space, budget, and features like weight capacity and adjustability.

    Yes, most leg press machines have lifetime warranties on frames, ensuring lasting quality. Depending on the usage environment lifetime warranties are also included on the cables, plates, hardware, etc.

    Check the product pages for specifics.

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