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    Shopping Guide for Plyo Boxes | Commercial

    Selecting the ideal plyo box for your facility requires weighing several important factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase tailored to your needs.

    1. Material: Consider metal for durability, soft for safety, or wood for a classic feel.

    2. Height/Adjustability: Fixed heights suit different exercises/levels. Adjustable models like the Troy Fitness Plyo Cube add versatility.

    3. Stability: Non-slip surfaces prevent injury.

    4. Space: Opt for stackable models that store easily when not in use.

    5. Quality: Our commercial-grade plyos withstand daily use thanks to quality materials and construction.

    By evaluating these aspects, you can find the perfect plyo box to enhance your workout offerings and cater to your clients.

    Plyo Boxes | Commercial FAQs

    Plyo boxes come in several materials to suit different workout settings and user preferences. Metal plyo boxes are known for their sturdiness and longevity, wood plyo boxes offer a classic aesthetic and firm support, while soft foam plyo boxes provide a safer option by reducing the chance of injury upon impact.

    We provide a selection of all these materials, ensuring our customers can choose the right plyo box to match their fitness facility's needs.

    Yes, our plyos are designed for commercial use.

    Yes, certain plyo box models feature adjustable heights to accommodate various training levels and exercise types. Alternatively, some plyo boxes are designed to be rotated for different height settings, while others are available in a single, fixed height.

    We offer a range of plyo boxes, including adjustable, rotatable, and fixed-height models to suit diverse workout requirements.

    When choosing a plyo box, consider material, height, stability, space constraints, and budget to meet facility needs.

    Yes, many plyo boxes stack or store away efficiently when not in use.

    Plyo boxes have non-slip surfaces provide stability. Soft plyos reduce injury risk.

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