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    Shopping Guide for Upper Body Ergometers & Etrainers

    Selecting ideal upper body ergometers/active passive trainers requires weighing key factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase for your facility.

    1. Client Needs: Choose equipment suited for your clients like motorized bikes, arm cycles, or versatile combo units.
    2. Adaptability: Look for adjustable settings and resistance to accommodate progress as clients improve.
    3. Accessibility: Opt for wheelchair-friendly, ergonomic designs for comfortable use.
    4. Operation Modes: Dual active and passive modes suit varying mobility and strength levels.
    5. Durability: Invest in high-quality, reliable machines from leading brands like HCI Fitness.
    6. Space: Consider compact, foldable units if facility space is limited.
    7. Budget: Compare features and quality within your price range for the best value.

    With these aspects weighed, you can select equipment tailored to your clients’ unique therapy and fitness needs.

    Upper Body Ergometers & Etrainers FAQs

    An upper body ergometer is an exercise machine designed specifically to provide upper body conditioning.

    Upper body ergometers feature handlebars connected to a resistance system that exercises the arm, shoulder, chest, and back muscles.

    Yes, our upper body ergometers and active-passive trainers feature accessibility options like adjustable seats and removable seats for wheelchair compatibility.

    Yes, adjust the resistance on the ergometers to target cardiovascular health or various muscle groups.

    Yes, the adjustable resistance on ergometers accommodates users from beginner to advanced.

    Aim for 2-3 upper body ergometer sessions per week, with at least 1 rest day between sessions. Listen to your body and adjust frequency based on your recovery needs.

    Yes, our commercial ergometers are suitable for both facilities and home gyms.

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