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    Shopping Guide for Plate Fixed Barbell Sets | Commercial

    Selecting the right fixed barbells involves weighing several key factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase for your facility.

    1. Material and Coating: Consider rubber for floor protection, steel for a traditional feel, or urethane for wear resistance.
    2. Weight Range: Offer a variety of weights starting at 20 lbs to accommodate all levels.
    3. Barbell Types: Provide both curl bars for targeted muscles and straight bars for versatility.
    4. Grip and Knurling: Look for secure grips and knurling to prevent slippage.
    5. Storage: Barbell racks keep equipment organized and improve safety.
    6. Budget: While higher quality costs more, it requires less maintenance over time.

    With these aspects weighed, you can confidently equip your gym with fixed barbells that contribute to member satisfaction and workout success.

    Plate Fixed Barbell Sets | Commercial FAQs

    Our selection starts at 20 lbs and goes up to 110 lbs or more to accommodate all levels.

    Rubber protects floors and reduces noise. Urethane offers excellent wear resistance. Steel provides a traditional feel.

    We recommend both to offer versatility for your members. See our blog article on straight vs curl bars for more details.

    Fixed bars are pre-weighted while Olympic bars allow weight plate adjustments, offering more versatility.

    Invest in barbell racks to securely organize and store when not in use.

    Yes, our range caters to beginners up to advanced lifters.

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