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    Shopping Guide for Group Fitness Equipment

    When purchasing group fitness equipment, consider the following:

    1. Material and Durability: Choose high-quality, long-lasting materials like Neoprene and Vinyl for dumbbell sets. They offer a comfortable grip and are easy to clean.
    2. Variety of Weight Options: Cater to all fitness levels by providing a range of weight options. A dumbbell set up to a max of 75 lb. will make heavy lifters happy!
    3. Cardio and Strength Training Equipment: Include both cardio and strength training equipment, such as our Commercial Rowers and BodyPump Barbell Set.
    4. Space and Storage: Ensure adequate space for classes and equipment storage. Opt for easy-to-store equipment and consider investing in storage racks.
    5. Budget and Quality: Stay within budget but prioritize high-quality equipment for durability and longevity. Compare brands and read reviews for informed decisions.

    By considering these factors, you can create a functional, welcoming gym environment with diverse group fitness classes.

    Group Fitness Equipment FAQs

    Browse fitness blogs, websites, and social media for workout ideas using our Neoprene Dumbbell Sets, Vinyl Dumbbell Sets, Cardio Barbell Sets, and Body Pump Barbell Sets.

    Incorporate exercises that can be modified for various fitness levels using our equipment. Include cardiovascular, strength, and flexibility exercises with clear progressions and regressions.

    Select a range of weight increments for both dumbbell and barbell sets to accommodate all fitness levels.

    Recommended that dumbbells go at least to 50 lbs. for those HIIT individuals who lift heavy. A 75 lb. set would be the max; think about those Sumo squats!

    Check out our storage selections designed for your equipment to keep your gym organized and safe.

    Yes, simply wipe them down with a damp cloth and a mild cleaning solution.

    Yes, these sets come with a variety of weight plate options, allowing customization to fit your gym members' needs.

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