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    Shopping Guide for Commercial Treadmills

    Selecting the perfect commercial treadmill requires weighing several important factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase tailored to your facility.

    1. Budget: Set a budget while keeping in mind quality models offer long-term value through durability.
    2. Space: Measure available area and compare to treadmill dimensions for proper clearance.
    3. Motor Power: Opt for at least 3+ CHP for consistent performance during extended use.
    4. Construction: Choose sturdy, high-quality materials like steel frames to withstand demands.
    5. Weight Capacity: Consider the maximum user weight capacity suited for your members.
    6. Running Surface: Prioritize spacious size (20” x 60”+) and advanced cushioning for comfort.
    7. Speed/Incline: Look for a wide range to accommodate various fitness levels and preferences.

    With these key aspects considered, you can invest in a commercial-grade treadmill that enhances your facility’s offerings.

    Commercial Treadmills FAQs

    Commercial treadmills offer heavier construction, stronger motors, and higher weight capacities built for gyms.

    Allow at least 2 feet on sides and 3-4 feet behind for clearance and safety.

    At least 3+ CHP provides consistent performance for extended commercial treadmill use.

    A spacious treadmill surface and cushioning provide comfort and reduce injury risk.

    Treadmills require regular cleaning, belt lubrication, and motor inspection prolong lifespan.

    On treadmills, an emergency stop button, handrails, and a safety key help minimize accidents.

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