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    Shopping Guide for Shoulder Workout Machines | Commercial

    Selecting the ideal commercial shoulder press machine involves weighing several key factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase for your facility.

    1. Machine Type: Consider plate loaded for traditional lifting or selectorized cable for adjustable, smooth resistance.

    2. Space/Layout: Ensure adequate room and optimal equipment flow.

    3. User Experience: Look for both seated and overhead pressing options to accommodate preferences.

    4. Durability: Opt for sturdy construction from quality materials to withstand commercial demands.

    5. Warranty: Most machines have lifetime coverage for peace of mind.

    6. Home Use: Commercial-grade offers superior quality over residential models for home gyms.

    With these aspects considered, you can invest in an exceptional shoulder press machine tailored to your facility's needs and users' goals.

    Shoulder Workout Machines | Commercial FAQs

    Plate loaded allows weight plate adjustments while selectorized uses a pin for easy resistance changes.

    Yes, the adjustable resistance accommodates all fitness levels.

    Shoulder presses target deltoids while chest presses work the pectoral muscles.

    For shoulder press machines, in general we recommend 3-4 feet of clearance space around the machine.

    Regularly inspect for wear, tighten components, and lubricate as needed.

    Consider available space, user needs and goals, existing equipment, and your budget.

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