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Shop Guide - Commercial Weight Plate Sets

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    Shopping Guide for Commercial Weight Plate Sets

    Selecting the perfect commercial plate set requires weighing several factors. Use this guide to make an informed purchase.

    1. Exercises: Identify exercises to determine appropriate Olympic plates required.
    2. Material: Consider rubber, urethane, or iron for durability and grip.
    3. Specialized Equipment: Opt for sets like body pump bars for specific routines.
    4. Brand Reputation: Choose reputable brands like Troy for reliability.
    5. Compatibility: Verify plates fit standard Olympic barbells.
    6. Weight Increments: Accommodate beginners to advanced lifters.
    7. Home Use: Commercial-grade offers increased durability over residential models.

    With these aspects weighed, you can invest in exceptional plate sets tailored to your facility's training style and goals.

    Commercial Weight Plate Sets FAQs

    Weight plates typically come in various materials, including iron for a classic gym experience, rubber-coated for reduced noise and floor protection, and urethane for superior durability and a sleek finish.

    We provide these high-quality options to ensure our equipment meets the rigorous usage demands of commercial gym environments.

    Yes, colored bumper plates allow quick and easy weight identification.

    Yes, our plates are designed to fit standard Olympic barbells.

    Commercial weight plate sets generally start with lighter plates around 2.5 lbs and increase to 5 lbs, 10 lbs, 25 lbs, 35 lbs, and 45 lbs options. For heavier lifting requirements, sets may also include 50 lbs and even 100 lbs plates.

    Details on the specific weight increments available can be found on the product pages.

    Urethane is more durable, weather/chemical resistant, and maintains appearance over time compared to rubber coatings.

    Yes, commercial-grade provides increased durability and performance over residential models.

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