7 Gym Machines to Round Your Booty

by Chris Pruitt
girl with a round booty doing squats in the mirror

Many gym goers aim for a well-toned, round booty, which usually symbolizes the hard work you put in at the gym ;).

Achieving this goal requires the right techniques and equipment.

In this guide, we'll explore five essential pieces of gym equipment that are key to sculpting a strong and shapely butt.

Our focus is on practical, effective methods that deliver real results.

7 Pieces of Gym Equipment to Round, Lift, & Firm Your Butt

#1 Glute Kickback Machine

The Glute Kickback Machine, despite its straightforward name, is often unfamiliar to many gym-goers.

girl working out on glute kickback machine for round butt

It's a specialized machine that helps isolate and strengthen the glutes effectively.

The Glute Kickback Machine is not common in most gyms. It lets you do a 'donkey kick' movement to work your glutes.

It’s definitely worth investing in a glute machine if you want a precise way to target the area in isolation from the rest of the body.

#2 Glute Ham Raise Machine

The Glute Ham Raise Machine is a lesser-known but highly effective tool for developing strong glutes.

woman exercise on glute ham machine for a round butt

It targets the posterior chain, including the hamstrings, which is crucial for a well-rounded glute workout.

This machine works both your hamstrings and glutes at the same time. You use your body weight for resistance.

It also helps your stabilizer muscles and core.

Ultimately, this is easily one of the best options out there for developing a dense, bulbous glute area whilst “evolving” the hamstrings.

#3 Hip Adductor/Abductor Machine

While the adductor component isn't essential for glute development, the Hip Adductor/Abductor Machine offers a comprehensive lower body workout.

girl using a hip adduction machine for a big butt

It enhances both glute and thigh appearance, contributing to overall muscle balance.

The hip abductors work the sides of your glutes. This makes your glutes look better overall.

The adductors also help make your thighs look better.

These areas may seem insignificant, but their difference to your overall muscle balance in the lower body is hugely noticeable.

#4 Leg Press Machine

The Leg Press Machine is a versatile investment for lower body training, particularly for the glutes.

girl working out for big but on leg press machine

It allows users to target the glutes from various angles, accommodating all levels of flexibility and strength.

You can use different leg positions on this machine to work your glutes from different angles. It's good for everyone, even if you're not very flexible.

It’s a bonus if your leg press can also be used as a hack squat, thus offering a plethora of other avenues to target your glutes with.

#5 Hip Thrust Machine

The Hip Thrust Machine is a key player in glute development. Its design focuses on the hip thrust, directly targeting the glute muscles.

girl working out on hip thrust machine

Adjustable resistance with weight plates, that usually max out around 360 lbs. makes it suitable for all fitness levels.

It ensures correct form, maximizing the effectiveness of your workout.

Regular use leads to a stronger, more sculpted booty and improved posture.

#6 Power Racks

Power Racks are a versatile foundation for a comprehensive glute workout.

These sturdy structures allow for various exercises, from squats to deadlifts, crucial for glute development.

girl squatting in a power rack to grow a big butt

Their adjustable safety bars provide a secure environment to lift heavier weights with confidence.

By incorporating various attachments, like resistance bands or barbells, you can intensify your glute exercises. Regular use of Power Racks builds a stronger, well-defined round booty.

#7 Dumbbells

Dumbbells, though not machines, are essential for glute training. They offer a wide range of isolation exercises to target the glutes, suitable for all strength levels.

girl doing dumbbell lunges to achieve a round butt

There’s no need to go insanely heavy with the weight; if the range goes up to a moderate level, you’ll have everything you need to perform a massive array of exercises for this area.


The right equipment makes all the difference in elevating your fitness journey and achieving that dream round booty.

Our carefully selected gym tools are designed to target and enhance your glutes, providing quality and variety.

Don't just take our word for it; experience the transformation yourself!

Visit our Butt Gym Equipment Collection to explore our range of top-notch glute-focused equipment.

Whether you're starting out or looking to upgrade your gym arsenal, we've got everything you need to sculpt the perfect round booty.

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